Woven Inks
Tattoos and Fine Art Restoration

Tattoo Artist

I’ve been tattooing for the last seven years, ever since 2008 when I first began tattooing myself after a year and a half of nothing but art, drawing, observing and getting tattooed by other artists. My wife, then girlfriend, thought it was a hobby until she saw how love-stricken I was about tattoos. She would come home and smell the green soap and get after me…”what did you do now” and I would then have to show her my skin. My passion for tattooing stems from growing up how I did. I didn’t have much, including my family. But, I was always drawing. And what I drew got me in and out of trouble…a lot. I was lucky most of the time. I didn’t care or like where I was but when I started being asked to draw things for other people; that lit me up. I don’t tend to fit in a whole lot of places and that’s alright. I know I’m different. But, I like to keep an open mind and understand where other people are coming from. This allows me to make the art I do. Every piece is one of a kind and a different experience with each person. Tattooing affects me. And like fixing broken things, including art, it makes me feel like I’m helping people become who they really are.

Fine Art Restoration

I work as the Lead Inpainter/Fabricator for Colorado Art Restoration Services. “I’m the guy who fixes the paintings.” I’m often found in the furthest space in the back of the building, specifically built and tailored as my studio. I’ve been conserving and restoring all types and conditions of art for the past 5 years. I went to school for my BFA and Art History degree and then have been lucky enough to do a lot of industry specific work that led me to be employed for this company. Having been the “in-house artist” (among other things) for my interim, I’ve been able to follow industry standards and raise the bar which has influenced my aesthetic and skill set in tattooing as well. I am very proud of what I do and am so grateful to be able to create and do both of my passions every day. …and I can copy the shit out of a painting…